Disadvantages of TIG welding machine

For all things, the phenomenon exhibits positive and restrictive traits. The drawback is that more or fewer features exist in each product. Sometimes the merits of the product considered at other angles are its own limitations. TIG welding machine specification have outstanding advantages, but in the system itself there are some limitations that we will learn together below.

Disadvantages of TIG welding methods

The TIG welding machine, unlike other types of mechanical equipment such as Plasma cutters, Bosch drills, requires a relatively high level of expertise. That is, only skilled welders can successfully use this type of welding machine. This is the requirement of the user to make TIG welding machine difficult to develop market widely.

TIG welding machines use modern technology to create very good quality welding products. However, the productivity of the machine is limited. TIG welding machines perform much slower than welding machines of the same type

Costs in the process of using TIG welding machine is quite high, there are many devices need to change as often as Ar gas, electrodes, power clamp. Costly welding materials increase the cost of the product, reducing the price competitiveness of the production unit. With the high cost of TIG welding, it is very difficult to weld thick welds.