Plasma cutting machines

Occupational safety when using plasma cutting machines

We know that Plasma cutting methods offer faster cutting speeds on metal cutters than traditional methods such as sawing, cutting and cutting oxygen gas. Although this method has been around for more than 50 years, plasma cutting devices are compact, easy to carry around, and affordable prices have emerged only since the mid 1990s. Widely employed in the fields of art production, repair in agriculture, fabrication and repair of metal equipment in industry.

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However, since it is a new technology, so many users do not know much about the basic safety issues when using plasma cutting machines. This article will introduce you to safety considerations when using a plasma cutting device.


Risk of burns due to plasma

Plasma arcs blow the molten metal and the slag burns out of the cutting edge. It also heats the metal cutter, the tip of the plasma cutter, all of which can ignite and cause a fire. To protect yourself cutting workers should be equipped with appropriate protective guards on either side or use protective masks in combination with the glasses. To protect your body, wear protective clothing, shoes and gloves made from fire retardant materials when performing work. Beef or leather is recommended. Clothes should not have front pockets or bags should have a button-release lid. Do not match, gas lighters in the bag. You should use boots or boots to protect your feet.

Note the high temperature, and the strength of the plasma arc easily cut through the protective goggles so that the grip is not grasped near the plasma cutting zone. Do not hold near the tip when the cutting gun is in operation because the area is also hot. Do not turn the arc towards you in any case.

Leave flammable objects at least 10m away from the work area to ensure arc heat, and slag can not cause fire. Do not cut closed containers or pressurized containers, do not cut containers as they can contain flammable substances, poisons. Only performed when carefully checked. Always ensure that the hidden area does not contain flammable materials when performing plasma cutting at the partition, floor. Never do work at gas, petrol, explosives.

Next cool well
The plasma cutting gun is designed to automatically shut off when the protective porcelain is lost or when the nozzle touches the electrode. However, due to the high voltage characteristics to maintain the arc (110-> 400 VDC). This voltage is prone to leakage, so it is important to check the cabling system and the gun for details before replacing the fault details.

Water conducts electricity well, so do not work in wet environment. Stand on an insulated wood or rubber floor, or dry floor.

Always check the ground cable before work.

Arc light

Plasma cut lasers can cause burns to your eyes and skin over long periods of exposure, so be sure to wear tight fitting, eye-catching and ultra-fine filters. You must also check and replace the protective equipment before performing the work.

Protection from gas and vapors.

Plasma cutting can produce toxic fumes and gases, which, if inhaled, can cause health problems, so as to avoid inhaling these gases, while also providing a ventilated working environment. Only work in closed environment if equipment is well ventilated or the air filter system is breathing.

When working with metal sheets covered with a protective layer such as zinc-coated steel or cadmium, the coating should be removed before cutting. Coatings can create toxic gas when cut by plasma, so it should be equipped with air inlet systems, or air filtration systems to breathe.

Gas System

Plasma cutting generally uses compressed air to be cleaned from the air or inert gas contained in the flask. The gas tanks, if used, must be fixed securely on the rack or trolley. Close the cap securely before moving. It protects the vase from damage when it hits.

Replace the pressure regulator when it detects malfunction, do not repair the valve yourself, and send it to the manufacturer for warranty.

Only use hose couplings, or synchronous pipe clamps, do not use temporary joints, ground conductors may be crushed or severed, and therefore must be placed high. Avoid prolonged, twisted wire or knots, replacement of defective gas ducts, damage or removal of damaged parts and reconnection with appropriate technology, do not use tape to connect air ducts because it does not guarantee Safeguard.

Conclusion: Plasma cutting will be very safe if you follow the safety procedures, as well as the manufacturer’s instructions.

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