Plasma cutting machines are widely-used in the mechanical industry because of their high applicability, beautiful cut lines and simple technology. However, you also need to understand the basic principle of plasma cutting machines as well as the instructions for use of this machine to be able to handle situations during during cutting.


Principle of plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine principle

When there is a start signal, the supply will receive and activate the voltage that brings the gas flow to the cutting head. Airflow through the nozzle (nozzle connected to the positive) to escape. There is no arc and current flowing through the DC source (open voltage) at this time.

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As the airflow has stabilized, the arc source circuit begins working. At a voltage of about 5000 – 10000 VAC, spark is generated between the electrode and the nozzle in the cutting head. Energy from high frequency spark creates ionization and makes the spark capable of conducting electricity. Between electrode and nozzle, arc current is formed
When the material needs to cut off the arc current, the arc current will strike the material that leads to the positive electrode. The current flows through the material by the signal from the power supply. Thanks to the arc energy generated by direct current, the ionization current is maintained
The high temperature of the arc plasma stream melts the metal, the broken sheet is broken and the molten material is blown by the gas flow from below the cut. At this point, the cutting head moves and the cutting process begins.
If the plasma cutting head is mounted on the CNC machine, the controller of the CNC plasma cutting machine produces the induced signal that the plasma arc current has formed.

Manual plasma cutting machine

Before carrying out the cutting operation
CNC plasma cutting machine: check the cutter (the cut is squeezed into the rack, the cutter is straight perpendicular to the cutting table)
Manual Plasma Cutting Machine: Choose the position where your hand moves easily
During cutting
For CNC cutting machines: proceed to set parameters such as cutting material, cutting length, etc … then run the test before cutting.
For manual plasma: Before cutting, care must be taken to ensure that the cutter is properly adjusted to the cutting current, cutting speed and cutting speed.
In the cutting process, if the material is of a large thickness, the speed should be cut to the corner or at the end of the cut or the pause should be halted for a short period of time so that the arc can cut off the section completely. metal.